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Car Window Tinting


A tint is a thin transparent sheet of film which is applied to the car window. Its thickness ranges from 0.001 inches to 0.004 inches. Usually, there is a limit on how dark the tint should be since the tint may be a hazard when you are driving at night.

Ways of tinting your car windows

Film tintingautomotiverightasdfghj

This is a simple and cheap way of tinting your car window. Here the film applied to the car’s window glass. These films come in different forms like, mirrored, flat or metallic. Doing this tinting helps prevent the windows from shattering in the event you are involved in an accident.

OEM tinted glass

In this technique of tinting, tint is added to the glass during preparation and not applied like the film tinting. The result of this type of tinting is very light and very expensive to replace.

Coated tinting

With this form of tinting, you apply a distinctive solution tho the surface of the window by spraying. This is considered the most effective way to do your window tinting. Ensure however tat the process is done by a professional since it is not easy to make the application.

Benefits of car window tinting


Besides offering protection by blocking people from seeing inside your car, it also prevents your staff from being seen whenever you are not in the car. This means you should not worry if your valuables are not kept in the trunk for protection from thieves.

Protect the car from upholstery

Direct heat and UV rays from the sun keeps the car’s interior hot enough to fade, crack, or warp plastic items in the car. Tinting the window blocks up to ninety percent of the harmful UV rays.

Keeping cool

If you have the right tint on your car window helps to lower heat inside the car by fifty percent during summer. Besides keeping you cool tinted windows keep you healthy by blocking cancer causing UV rays.

Better driving

automotiveleftasdfghjkWhen driving, the sun may hit your face directly hence annoying and can be deadly. Tinting your windshield helps to prevent the glare coming from extreme sunlight thus shielding your eyes.

If you own a car, then you should consider tinting it since it is an easy process and has a lot of benefits.