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Things To Avoid During A Smoking Session

The recent campaigns have eased both local as well as federal laws on the smoking topic. Today, it is much more acceptable than a decade or two ago. The widespread embrace of this subject has resulted in a new set of industries that are setting themselves ahead to make their fortunes out of the new industry. One of these industries is the glass industry. The glass industry has exponentially established itself by coming up with smoking vessel brands like never before. In fact, a new brand with a unique design pops up every day. The competitive field has brought about the need for innovations if you are to stand out to dominate the rest.


The appeal of smoking some marijuana with your friends is insatiable. However, just like with every good thing, there are always limits. There are things one should refrain from when it comes to sesh. Generally, cannabis is consumed for recreational purposes, to relieve and relax in the good vibes. Briefly outlined are a few things to refrain from during a smoke sesh session.

Starting Out

If you are a first timer to the smoking ritual, avoid staring at your friends in the face. This might creep them out. If you cannot stop staring at something, focus your gaze on an object, instead of an individual.

Silly Questions

CZCZXCWhen smoking your weed from your sesh glass, avoid asking others to the party whether they are high. This question will make you seem like an amateur who has had his first puff. Your friends might consider passing you over as they might think you are taking it to waste.

Lip Gloss Mess

If your smoking partners do not mind the mess from your lip-gloss on the tip, then you can go ahead. However, different crowds have different rules. To be on the safe side, avoid it altogether. Remember one mess up during a weed smoking session can determine whether you will be invited to future sesh.

Having It All To Yourself

There is nothing wrong with holding a conversation while smoking weed. When going about your smoke sesh, avoid talking too much that you end up losing the fundamental principle of the ritual; pass it along. It will also save you from the hazy eyes of your friends. Remember, it is better if you are all high together so the conversation can peak when everyone is drifting in merry mode.


To finish off on an encouraging note, the Sesh supply glass keeps the ash inside so you only have to worry about cleaning afterward. With a blunt, you need an ash tray to prevent messing up your clothes or carpet.